Marriage Counseling

I get it. Marriage is hard, and it didn't go the way you expected. Now it just hurts! Every marriage and relationship goes through difficult times. Trying to bring two individuals and their baggage together can certianly be a challenge. I believe that every marriage can not only survive, but thrive...EVERY MARRIAGE!!! It doesn't matter what grievences have taken place, I promise to work hard to can give you the tools and understanding to help you heal yourself and your marriage.

Become Closer to Your Loved One

Casey serves as a third party in order to mediate any type of relationship issues you and your loved one may be facing. When working with him, you learn to strengthen your marriage using the tools and techniques you learn in therapy. These tools help you to meet each other's needs so you can begin to mend the separation you may feel.

The Process of Marriage Counseling

When you begin couples therapy, the first session is done together. Depending on the couple, he may separate you into individual sessions by yourself. This is meant to give each person in the relationship a safe zone to speak their mind without fear of how their partner will react.

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